Are you ready to FEEL BETTER and move forward with your life?

Do you have chronic pain, fatigue, or brain fog that doesn't respond to anything? Feel like you can't ever control your thoughts, feelings, or emotions? Have you ever asked yourself "What's wrong with me?"

Good thing you're here! Learn how to take your health, mind, and life back one step at a time!

Hello, I am Spencer Watson-- Husband, Father, Advanced Certified & PaRama BodyTalk Practitioner, Biological Audit Specialist, and a Habits of Thinking expert. Over the last 9 years in private practice, research, and study I have compiled extraordinary information across this vast range of subjects. I am going to show you the connection between these subjects, so you can begin to heal from the inside out and feel like yourself again! 

I have learned repeatedly that the absolute truth, the real understanding, and the real healing comes when you connect the dots. 

Millennial Campus is your online classroom offering courses and services in BodyTalk, bioenergetic psychology, consciousness, science, mind-body studies, and the art of living! I look forward to supporting you in your journey! Check out the "Start Here" for your complimentary courses!

Available Products

Immune Tune 10 Session Series

A special 10 BodyTalk session series done by Advanced BodyTalk Practitioner, Spencer Watson!

Charka Alignment BodyTalk Session

Bring your energy centers into alignment! 

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